Saturday, February 25, 2006

Taking A Break........

Too much going on here right now with company,work and planning for the "partys". Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cant wait to see you!

Hello everyone! Banana is excited because tommorow the family starts coming out for the partys coming up!!We are looking foward to seeing all of you and having a great time.Today we will finish cleaning up the house,we got our carpet cleaned yesterday.Mommy is still sleeping from her closing shift last night so we will fix her a breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast before she wakes. Oh yea almost forgot....we reserved a shelter at the park for B's birthday party, its next to the play ground area and we purchased a alcohol permit for the grown ups. Then we will move the party to our clubhouse at the apt. when its avalible so we can party well into the night . It should really be a blast. Well I hope you all have a great day and we cant wait for you all to get here!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Excitement is building...

I was running down some of the upcoming itineraries of family and friends' arrivals in the next week or two and I realized how soon it will be before we see everyone and, how many people are actually coming! We are so fortuntate to have so many family and friends be able to come visit. It will be awesome.
We got the carpet cleaned today. And, after watching the guy clean our carpet, I would like to announce a career change for me. I'll now become a carpet cleaning apprentice. It just looked so satisfying 'drawing' those perfect rows in the carpet with the steamer. Wish me luck!
By the way, sorry it's been so long since we've posted a picture of B. I'll ask Mike to post one today. She is doing all kinds of really cool stuff. She's walking along furniture, crawling like crazy, identifying stuff if asked about it, i.e. where are Anna's toes? and she touches them. Can't wait for all to see how much she's learned.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beautiful Day

Mike and I Picked Anna up from daycare after I was able to sleep in for awhile and Mike ended up getting off early. What a great turn of events! The weather is Sunny and gorgeous. It's pretty windy but, it's giving me that "at the beach" feeling. Even though it's super dry and we've only gotten something like 1 inch of rain in six months.
I really appreciate these kind of unplanned days when I can spend with my family and do some fun stuff. Right now, Anna is going to take a nap (I think) and I'm going to work on some craft- type stuff. Mike is washing the cars. Later, I would like to play some loud music while the sun streams in through open doors and windows and dance around with two of my fave people. I wish more famliy was close by.
But, it won't be long. I can feel the excitement mounting as our time with more family nears!

Update: I got to do what I wanted to do. We had a blast choosing some songs for our party!

Friday, February 10, 2006


There's a viral infection going around Tucson and of course Anna got it.
I dont know if I spelled it right but it is no joke if not taken care of.
The hospitals are full with kids / baby's that are hooked up to oxygen and I.V. s.
The doctor just told us to keep Anna hydrated and keep an eye on her fever,that could turn into a ear infection. Sigh.........I guess this is what happens when you send your child to daycare.
Send your best.

PS:Of course Anna is still full of smiles even though she has a horrible cough.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Overheard in Phoenix...

Yesterday at a manager's meeting I heard a guy say, "I told my wife, 'get me some in- soles for these shoes because they're hard on my feet.'"
I'm wondering, did she say either, "Maybe I would, if you would ask me, instead of bossing me artound all the time." or, "Get them yourself."
Thank God for Mike and my Dad is all I have to say.