Wednesday, November 30, 2005

From the Bottom to the Top(ical Ointment)

Poor Banana has a terrible diaper rash now. It's pretty red, but, getting much better since she and I have been home together and I can change her diaper and reapply cream very often. She has such a great disposition so, it's obvious that it really bugs her because she hasn't really been herself these past few days.
I've been really pleased with how well our diaper creams have worked. We use either A&D ointment or Desitin. I've heard some say that letting your baby go without a diaper for a while would help but, how can we? Her diaper is wet when I change it as it is. In other words this pee would be all over the floor if I let her go bare all day. I guess I'll just keep up with our changing and creaming. Pray for a speedy recovery.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Still having Trouble?

Hey all. If people are still having trouble commenting please email me so that we can try to fix the prob. Otherwise, you can comment here to let me know you're good to go. Thanks!

You've Got to Play to Win?

I guess that's not the case since my fantasy football team is behind one team in the rankings, and barely beating another that have not changed players in weeks. Oh well, we are climbing to the top. Although, this week we are sure to lose to the Jordanaires, despite having multiple Colts in tonight, and this may put us behind both of these teams. Oh well, at least we are beating my smack talking 14 yr. old cousin who won last week with only one of two possible quarterbacks in.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Day with Dad

well it was just me and banana today,we had a really fun time reading books,watching her dvd's,and listening to music(christmas). and we even had time to go to the storeto buy produce to make baby food(yes we make our own). we made spinach,carrots and peas.tomorrow molly will make mangos,apples and prunes.
anyway as you can see she loved it.
I really love these days i have her to myself -we really get along great,but we do miss mommy alot.i'll have molly post tomorrow for a change of thought. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Our Contribution

almost forgot! heres a picture of the key lime pie we brought to the feast.we already have gotten request for it at christmas.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Posted by Picasa

Great Day!

molly and banana (with her new dress on compliments of J).we had a great day with mollys family and the food was excellent ,we got so sidetracked with the conversation that we completely forgot to take family pictures but we did get a couple of banana.
how was your turkey day? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


we are spending turkey day w/mollys aunt,uncle and sis.we are bringing a key lime pie(at the request of all).we will miss all family members not present-but we will send pictures out to enjoy.but on a differnt subject we cant wait for bananas first christmas,we are going to buy a small tree monday (SO FUN)because MY parents are coming next weekend and we will celebrate christmas early.we are really excited to see them all.hope you all have great day we'll post tomorrow! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Monday, November 21, 2005


I'd like to begin by saying that I know that we are lucky to be living where it is still warm and sunny during the day. But, we are so tired of seeing brown everywhere we look. There is no green, no red, no colors of any kind. Even the homes here are all brown or some similar color...burnt sienna, tan, sandy, get the idea. Anyway, midwesterners, you may refrain from making comments in reference to your own winter woes, unless you really need to. (actual photo from our camera) ------------>
I'd just like to get a little color or some rain for more than a couple weeks out of the year.
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lazy Day

I just spent two whole days in a row with my little family. It was really great. It is truly a great day when we can keep our daughter, Banana, on her schedule without having to put other errands, chores, or work first. I can really tell she feels more relaxed and comfortable after having spent the last two days with Mike and I. I hope, even though she's only 8 months old, that she will go to the babysitter tomorrow feeling refreshed. I know I will.
Of course, it also helps that we finished the weekend with the Colts continuing their winning streak, beating the Bengals 45- 37, and with the Annamals (our fantasy team) narrowly edging out my sister in a tough game. Colts, 10-0 going into week twelve. Go Colts! and Annamals 6-5. Go Annamals!


If you could see directly in front of this fire would see a wounded man from a motorcycle crash.This happened right in front of our house,we heard the crash and I rushed outside thinking it was a tenant throwing away some huge object.This turns out to be the young man that has been acting a fool in the parking area for days, showing off his new "bike". Needless to say, he drove face first into the trash dumpster, one witness said he was bleeding from the back of his neck. We were the ones who called the police (911). It took them 25 min to show. We were not questioned.
WTF! ... I've watched every episode of C.S.I, and I can't remember the last time that I've seen where a potential witness hasn't been questioned. We did not see the accident itself, but I heard this man's fellow Servicemen talking about how he was "showing off."
I hope he's OK and that if the police think that some more info is needed, they'll ask us. We are praying for him. Posted by Picasa